Turn your industrial scrap into a revenue stream with our custom metal recycling program for Grand Rapids manufacturers!

At GRIM, we understand the unique challenges faced by Grand Rapids' dynamic manufacturing sector. That's why we offer a comprehensive metal recycling program designed to seamlessly integrate with your production processes, saving you time, money, and effort.

Benefits of Our Ongoing Metal Recycling Program:

  • Effortless Scrap Management: We provide custom programs, containers, and services engineered to fit your specific needs. Our experts will help you determine the best container types and sizes for optimal scrap collection.
  • Custom Scrap Handling & Sorting: Simplify your sorting process with our custom scrap handling and sorting systems. We can break down products, separate metals from plastics, and handle all the dirty work for you.
  • Accurate & Transparent Weighing: Our scales are third-party calibrated for guaranteed accuracy, ensuring you receive fair compensation for your scrap metal.
  • Convenient Bin Delivery & Pickup: Focus on production, not scrap removal. We deliver and pick up metal scrap bins directly at your facility, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

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    No two recycling customers have the same materials or needs, which is why we customize our recycling services. From pick-up and delivery to processing and consulting—whatever you need to recover your scrap, we’re here to help.

    What type of industrial scrap metals do you accept?

    • Carbide
    • Tool steel
    • High-speed steel
    • Molybdenum
    • Tungsten
    • Brass scrap
    • Stainless steel scrap (offcuts, sheets)
    • Aluminum scrap (turnings, shavings, extrusions),
    • Copper scrap (wire, tubing, bus bars),
    • Nickel alloy scrap (Inconel, Monel),
    • Sheet metal scrap (offcuts, misprints),
    • Prepared ferrous scrap (baled or shredded steel),
    • Unprepared ferrous scrap (turnings, borings)

    Do you deliver and pick up bins directly at my facility?

    We can deliver bins to your facility and then arrange pick-up when you call us or according to a pre-determined schedule, whichever best suits your needs.

    Do you offer any processing services for mixed materials?

    Yes, we separate the metals and then process them separately according to their specific recycling requirements.

    Do I need to separate my scrap metal by type before pick-up?

    We offer recycling programs for mixed metals,
    and we can even handle the sorting process for you, streamlining the experience.

    How often will you pick up my scrap metal bins?

    • Scheduled Pick-Ups: We can establish a regular pick-up schedule that works for you. Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, we’ll ensure your bins are emptied on time.
    • On-Demand Pick-Ups: Simply give us a call when your bin is full, and we’ll arrange a pick-up at your earliest convenience.

    How can I schedule a scrap metal pick-up?

    To schedule a regular scrap metal pick-up,

    we recommend contacting us directly. Here are a few ways to reach us:

    • Phone: Call us at 616.248.9300 and speak with a representative who can discuss your desired pick-up frequency and set up a schedule.
    • Website: Visit our website and look for the contact form
    • Email: Send an email to info@grimrecycle.com with your request for a scheduled pick-up. Be sure to include your company name and contact information.

    What happens to the scrap metal after I sell it to you?

    Sorting and Processing: At our facility, your scrap metal goes through a meticulous sorting process. This separates different types of metals (ferrous and non-ferrous) and may even involve further categorization based on specific characteristics.

    Processing for Reuse: The sorted scrap metal undergoes various processing techniques depending on the material. This could involve shredding, shearing, or baling to prepare it for efficient transportation and re-melting.

    Smelting and Re-refining: The processed scrap is then transported to smelters or refineries. Here, it’s combined with other materials and melted at high temperatures. During this process, impurities are removed, and the metal is essentially “reborn” for a new life.

    Manufacturing New Products: The re-refined scrap metal becomes the raw material for creating new products across various industries. This could be anything from car parts and building materials to appliances and even new consumer goods.

    By participating in our metal recycling program, you’re not just contributing to your bottom line, you’re also helping to conserve natural resources and create a more sustainable future!


    Even if you’re processing your own materials, use our quality network of outlets to maximize your scrap value. We will facilitate marketing, transportation, and the transaction, while you save time and reap the benefits


    We’re totally crushing it over here. With a variety of baling capabilities, we can provide a solution to your bulk scrap needs.


    Whether it’s a one-time request or you have us on speed dial, we’ll pick up, weigh and process your materials.


    The only time you should guess your weight is at the circus. When you arrive here, your materials are measured on an industry-leading digital scale.


    Some materials require specialized equipment to process. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert to figure this out, you’ve got our experts to help suggest the right equipment.


    We don’t mind getting our hands dirty for you. We’ll break down your products, separate metal and plastic, and all the other dirty jobs associated with it. It’s what we do!


    We can handle truck loads or a partial truck load of No. 1 or No. 2 pallets. We also pay competitive prices for gaylord boxes.


    With a single phone call, you could reduce your expenses and recapture your investment. As a full-service material recycler, we consult for free to help you identify the best opportunity and value for your scrap.